Since 1986 Prodest Group operates in security and corporate trust services and management; in particular it provides, according to the needs of client companies, a full range of services as: security guards, doormen and concierges staff, anti fire services and emergency management, hostesses and stewards services .The Prodest Group operates throughout the Italian country, working for primary standing customers belonging to various industries and service sectors.

The Armed Security activities are carried out from ‘Istituto di Vigilanza Prodest Milano’ and from ‘ Istituto Vigilanza Prodest Taranto ; both of them are duly authorized under the subparagraph 115 of the TULPS regulation.

The Consorzio Prodest is constituted by a number of companies, each of them with its own organizational structure, which adheres to the Consorzio guidelines about the personnel management policies and the commercial approach.



It certifies the OS quality and certifies also all the procedures related and finalized to the execution of the company business operations.
It certifies the implementation of all the necessary processes and procedures to adhere to international standards in terms of environmental friendliness.
It defines and certifies the minimum requirements for the services delivered and executed by the Institutes of Vigilance of any legal status, providing guidance for the method of delivery of each service. The standard is intended to attest the quality level attainment and maintenance of the service in the various private security types.
Certifies and attests conformity and compliance with all the rules concerning the Safety and Health of workers and employees.

We operate throughout the whole national territory and in particular in:

Lombardia,Piemonte,Liguria,Veneto,Toscana,Friuli Venezia Giulia,Trentino Alto Adige,Emilia Romagna,Marche,Lazio,Puglia

we combines an extensive experience with very strong local roots